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" make money from home You can earn money just by watching the news." "You can earn money by walking and walking." Money-making apps generally use such slogans to attract users. The effortless way to make money can't help but be exciting.

Xiaowen, a college student from a university in Beijing, make money from home  told reporters that he often sees embedded money-making APP advertisements when he is playing games, browsing Weibo, and watching short videos. "A few times I played a mobile game. After a game,make money from home  it was prompted to watch a short video to increase the experience value, so I clicked it. I saw an advertisement for'Qu Toutiao'. You can earn pocket money when you watch the news for a certain period of time.” Xiaowen said, “When I watched short videos, I have seen many money-making apps such as'Tao Toutiao' and'Wei Lei' at the bottom of the page.”

In addition to implanting ads on major online platforms,make money from home  the reporter found that there are also a large number of money-making apps in multiple app stores, involving multiple categories, reading news to make money, forwarding articles to make money, trying apps to make money, walking sports to make money, knowledge Questions and answers to make money, questionnaire surveys to make money... Experience posts about making money apps are also available everywhere on the Internet. Most of these articles are titled with seductive text and are promoted for APP under the guise of sharing experience.

make money from home Users can get a certain reward by simply operating on their mobile phones with scattered time. This temptation has attracted many mobile phone users to participate. Many apps use "first registration rewards" to attract users to click downloads, and after users taste the sweetness of the initial profit, they will introduce them to others under the temptation of "recommending relatives and friends to get rewards", which accelerates this. App-like spread.

make money from home Time-consuming and laborious withdrawals are difficult

make money from home Industry insiders said that most money-making apps use generous invitation rewards to get users to click to download, and then earn benefits. And what floods these APPs is a large number of advertisements, gossip,make money from home and curious information, and the quality of the content is worrying. Many advertisements do not have clear product information, manufacturer and seller information after clicking in, but require users to add WeChat and place orders under the guidance of the other party.

make money from home At present, some places have begun to rectify money-making apps. In June this year, the Shanghai Market Supervision Administration interviewed Qutoutiao, Huitoutiao and other aggregated information platforms, and required relevant companies to strengthen pre-advertisement inspections, strengthen Internet information management, and prevent the publication of false and illegal advertisements. At the same time, consumers are reminded not to trust them credulously. This kind of ads that make money easily by using mobile phones and WeChat to avoid being deceived. The Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau stated that by adding personal WeChat to order unqualified weight loss, kidney and other products, it is possible to purchase illegally added harmful products, and it is difficult to conduct consumption rights protection through legitimate channels afterwards, and there is a very high risk.

The reporter also found that in order to evade supervision, a small number of APPs are not listed on the formal application stores, but choose to post on the Internet. Like illegal advertisements,make money from home  these apps need to add WeChat and follow the instructions of the other party before they can be downloaded.

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